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Staying Strong

The plan for day 2 is to stay strong, committed and slightly hungry/sore. It’s 5 am, just finished my coffee, fb checks and about to tackle some physio before classes at 8. Depending on the progress of my physio I might do a quick yoga routine if not this is one of those days that I get a lot of walking done, probably around 1 good hour or so. Plus I’m actually done classes at 5 (yes 5 pm instead of the usual 7!!) so I can always throw in a pm workout in there.

As for meal plans, this is what I’m thinking:

5 am – coffee and spoonful of pollen

7 am – 1/2 all natural activia yogurt (without fibre unfortunately since we’re all out), maybe with a bit of sweetner, cinnamon and 1/4 banana

10 am – low fat farmers cheese with a little bit of salt and anything else I might find in the fridge to throw on top

12 pm – boiled egg and 2 small slices of cheese

2 pm – 1/2 apple

5 pm – small portion of whatever my husband will have prepared for dinner when I get home 😛

Key for me today will be to stay strong and away from temptation since I’m at university all day, surrounded by colleagues that indulge in (seriously not exaggerating) nothing but junk food non stop and having to walk with them between classes from one building to another by many tempting food venues.

May the force of the new Christmas spirit that has, once again too early for some, been ignited… be with me  today!


Day 1

Here goes! This is my first official blog and at the moment I really should be getting back to studying for physiology… but I will allow myself a few more minutes to complete this entry.

Besides the ever present chaos of medical school life, I’ve decided to embark on a 3 week motivational diet in anticipation for our upcoming Christmas vacation.  The last two months of school combined with stress have accumulated an extra 6-7 lbs that I plan to lose for this vacation. As I do not have a scale at home the recording of this goal will be a bit tricky and will have to be based on the objectiveness of my clothes, ie. jeans in particular. In all fairness I think this is a better modality of tracking weight loss progress since most diet, especially mine, include a lot of exercise which equals increase muscle mass, and therefore the quantity is really not a good indicator. However, as I always try to tell my husband, my jeans never lie!

To start off, tonight I had a cup of green salad with 1/2 tsp sour cream, 1/2 cup drained tuna and half of an apple. This morning I did 30 minutes of yoga and throughout the day I stayed rather active, walking about 45 minutes of moderate speed (as well as chasing around my 2 and a 1/2 year old). So far so good, let’s hope tomorrow will be a successful, controlled, day as well!

Now back to physiology I go!